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Visit the website Optitur set browser settings to allow acceptance of cookies or use of devices, mobile applications or other software Optitur confirms that you want to see the products range and services sold in Optitur and borrow your consent to use cookies and any other technology we use to help you proporcionártela and, where appropriate, formalize the acquisition of such offer. Below is more information about how to modify the settings of your browser, as you manage cookies and how to disable.

What is a cookie?

It is a storage device that when you access a web page is downloaded to your computer or electronic device user in order to store and retrieve information for mainly streamline user navigation.

WhyOptitur use cookies?

This site uses cookies to retrieve information and thus give users a more streamlined navigation avoiding this and request data previously provided. This site also uses cookies to analyze the behavior of users to surf the web, resulting in a very effective tool to evaluate the operation of the website and make improvements.

How Optitur use cookies?

This web uses cookies to obtain information it deems useful. The type of cookies you use and the information you get with each is detailed below in the following table:

  • Analytical cookies: These cookies are used to analyze the behavior of users in aggregate and anonymous, including the number of visitors to the web and different product files, the source of the visit, date and time, platform, number of clicks on a tab, words search that uses a user to find their desired content. So this web uses a very useful tool to make improvements to the website and know what content or design is more relevant to the user.
  • Functional cookies: They are cookies that help users have a better experience navigating the site. An example of using this type of cookies are those that are used by the user to store the data of the last search of a product to auto populate the search, country, city and preferably last viewed products.
  • Advertising Cookie: We use these cookies in order to display ads on other pages to provide more suitable to the interests of users yet. In this case we both own cookies as cookies stored by third.
  • Technical cookies: Technical cookies are necessary to properly display the web page and ensure the proper functioning of the site. These cookies are related to the user's session, the login and reserve management.


How can I get more information on cookies, manage and, where appropriate, eliminate them?

If you're headed to the configuration of browser you have installed on your terminal, you have the possibility to select which cookies you want to accept and which to reject.

.Note that, if you disable cookies you may have problems accessing and browsing the web and in hiring our services

If you need more information about the operation of cookies, and how to eliminate them, you can go to the following links: y

Moreover, if you want to not be tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, go to the following link:

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